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pyronix, cant enter engineer mode
26-12-2012, 01:00 PM,
RE: pyronix, cant enter engineer mode
All the codes/zones have stayed the same. It hasn't reset. Got N & C linked out in the faulty sensor and the alarm can now be full set but that sensor still lights up with movement but doesn't trigger the alarm. Ordered a new sensor so just gotta wait and see. I'm just still confused as to why the engineers code will deactivate the alarm but won't allow me to access Eng mode,

Merry Christmas to you too
15-01-2013, 03:24 PM,
RE: pyronix, cant enter engineer mode
Quick reply, of no obvious use to anyone:

The detector, I assume it's a passive infra red or similar, obtains it's power from the control panel. Although there may be a fault, either in the alarm or tamper loop or at the detector itself, the LED (the light) will still flick on and off even though you have linked the alarm loop, since the detection bit is still receiving power. The thing I would question really is whether there is definitely a fault in the device itself or whether there is an external influence, heat, draught, etc, all the usuals that cause a single detector to trigger. Regarding the battery, it should read around 13.6 volts or thereabouts, and it would be unwise to put the old battery back in the panel, better off using the new one. Fail to see why you cannot access engineer mode though, have you got the engineer instructions ?.

Ron, I'm thinking of starting an old battery collection service nationwide, (TW, ignore this idiotic comment).
15-01-2013, 03:42 PM,
RE: pyronix, cant enter engineer mode
Hi, thanks for all the help you've given, I have since replaced the faulty sensor, left the new battery fitted and reset the alarm completely, I have now configured all zones as they were and set all new codes, the alarm now is fully operational and working as it should. Once again thank you for your time.
P.s you can have my old battery if you
15-01-2013, 09:09 PM,
RE: pyronix, cant enter engineer mode
Hi TW,

I wasn't in on the original post, so no thanks to 'moi'. Ron and Fastcar are the kiddies though. I haven't started my collections service yet, so if you would like to deliver in person and free of charge (usual rules apply) I can take it off your hands provided you have proof of ownership. Glad to see you're sorted mate, you've come to the right forum.

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