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PD6662:2010 - A guide from Honeywell
02-06-2012, 10:19 PM,
PD6662:2010 - A guide from Honeywell
With the dual-running period of the PD6662:2004 and PD6662:2010 schemes now at an end
(31st May 2012), it is important to ensure that your company is aware of the changes and the
impact that the new scheme will have on your business.
PD6662:2010 introduces multiple changes to intruder products - it is the responsibility of your intruder
product manufacturer to ensure that their products are fully compliant to and marked as PD6662:2010

These changes are detailed in Honeywell's PD6662:2010 webinar and guide, accessible via
the Quick Links on this page.

However PD6662:2010 also requires modifications to system design and operation - it will be critical
that you are aware of these changes and the implications to your installations.

Honeywell has modified, where required, and independently tested our products to the new standard.

For a range of support materials, designed to give you all the information you need on the changes
and how Honeywell products comply please visit our NEW dedicated webpage - Click Here
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