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risco LuMIN8
29-05-2012, 11:51 PM,
risco LuMIN8
[Image: lumin8.jpg]

New LuMIN8 External Sounder with logo illuminator
Put your logo in the spot light with LuMIN8

RISCO Group launches LuMIN8, a professional twin piezo external sounder with a logo Illuminator. The LuMIN8 sounder uses a patent-pending spotlight to illuminate your logo at all hours, advertising your business even on the darkest of nights.

Powered by the RISCO Bus technology, the LuMIN8 supports remote servicing when installed on a RISCO Security System, saving time and money on installation and maintenance.

LuMIN8's strobe and logo illuminating spotlight both employ an innovative Surface Light Technology (SLTâ„¢) in which light is emitted from surface mount LED's that use less power, are more robust and have much longer lifetime than xenon or halogen lamps.

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