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CP8L Control Panel User Addendum
23-05-2012, 10:49 AM,
CP8L Control Panel User Addendum
User Addendum for
EN50131-1 PD6662 2004
For CP8L Control Panel
Engineer Note:
This document contains important details of changes relating to EN50131-1 PD6662 2004 that affect End User operation of the control panel. It is therefore essential that this document is given to the End User at the time of system hand over.
Up to October 2005 Alarm Equipment and the installation of the equipment was governed by BS4737 and DD243. From October 2005 new European regulations will come into effect. The title of the new regulations is EN50131-1 and they will take over from the older BS4737 regulations. The UK interpretation of EN50131 is PD6662 : 2004.
The new regulations have changed the way you will operate your security system in many ways, these changes are outlined within this document.
Please use this document in conjunction with the User Manual that was supplied with your security system.

1. When a fault occurs and the system is in Day (Unset) mode the fault sounder will operate and the display will show or example. ! ! ! ! CHECK ! ! ! ! In order to view the cause of the fault you must enter your User Code. The display would now show for example. ! ! ! ! CHECK ! ! ! ! Bell Tamp In this instance the cause of the fault was a Bell Box Tamper. This message will stay on the display for ten seconds or until you press the 0 (zero) key. The display will then return to. ! ! ! ! CHECK ! ! ! ! After the cause of the fault has been rectified the system will need to be reset. Please refer to the User Manual for details how to reset the system.

2. If an alarm occurs when the system is set the cause of the alarm will be displayed for 10 seconds after you unset the system. For example. ! ! ! ! ALARM ! ! ! ! Zone 1 then after ten seconds ! ! ! ! CHECK ! ! ! ! To view the cause of the alarm again you will need to re-enter your User Code. Then press 0.

3. If an engineer is on site it may be necessary to authorise him/her to access your system. Do this by entering your User Code when asked to do so by the engineer.

4. Under the new regulations we are not allowed to show the status of the system e.g. Set or Unset. To view the status please enter your User Code.

5. Pre-Setting Error Check. In the event of a non entry/exit zone being activated during the setting procedure the display will show for example. Can’t Set Zone 5 Clear any zone faults and the setting procedure will continue.

6. New Log Event Type. A new Event Log Type has been added when a new code is added or an existing code is changed the event ‘Usr Changed’ will be written to the Event Log.

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