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How do the EN Grades differ ?
21-05-2012, 10:47 PM,
How do the EN Grades differ ?
Grade 1
Systems classified as Grade 1 would be most at risk from “Opportunist” thieves. Intruders would have little knowledge of Intruder Alarm Systems, and would be restricted to a limited range of easily available hand tools, such as hammers, chisels, screwdrivers, pliers etc.
This Grade would typically be used for most domestic ‘Bells Only’ Systems. This grade is a lower standard than BS 4737.

Grade 2
Systems classified as Grade 2 are likely to be targeted by criminals who will have prepared themselves prior to a crime and will know something about the contents of a building. Intruders would have limited knowledge of Intruder Alarm Systems, and would have the use of a general range of tools and portable instruments such as multimeters, bolt cutters, battery drills etc.
This grade would normally account for large residential and small commercial Systems such as Florists, Bakers, Salons and Carpet Retailers. Grade 2 is the closest to BS 4737.
An option has also been created for lower risk Grade 2 systems, which are not monitored. These are classified as Grade 2X.

Grade 3
Systems classified as Grade 3 are likely to be required where a buildings contents are perceived to be high value, and criminals are likely to spend time planning an intrusion.
Intruders would be conversant with Intruder Alarm Systems and have a comprehensive range of tools and portable electronic equipment, such as oscilloscopes, laptops, security screwdrivers etc.
Typically this grade would account for most commercial systems such as bonded warehouses, motor garages, computer distributors, mobile phone shops, sports shops etc.

Grade 4
Systems classified as Grade 4 will apply where security takes precedence over all other factors. Intruders are expected to have the ability or resource to plan an intrusion in detail and have access to a full
range of tools and equipment.
This would include the means to substitute vital components in the Intruder Alarm System. Typically this grade accounts for security systems that could be applied to military installations, bullion and cash centres, government research establishments etc.
In these circumstances there is a high risk of organised crime or terrorism.
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