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Installing your alarm system
16-05-2012, 02:41 AM,
Installing your alarm system
This is an overview of the steps to take to install your alarm system.
You can install the system in a different order however our experience shows having one sector operational at a time is the least complicated method of ensuring a satisfactory installation. This also allows you to install the system over a few days or even weekends and still have some alarm protection. In some installation manuals there is a trouble shooting section to assist in identifying common problems however usually all problems stem from poor wiring connections, if you have a problem, always re-check the wiring.
1. Check all components are supplied as specified by comparing with the parts list provided.
2. There are different instruction books for each of the components ie P.I.R. introduction manual, Remote Panel, user manual and an installation instruction sheet
3. Draw a plan of the building where you are planning to install the alarm and determine the zones for the PIR sensors/reed switches and where you will install the remote panel. The main panel should be mounted near a power source or you should install a fused spur outlet [by a qualified electrician] close to the main panel. Do this first as you cannot test the alarm circuitry without the power supply correctly installed.
4. Install the main panel by following the instructions of the panel installation manual.
5. Install the remote keypad(s) near your entry and exit point and connect to the main panel using the 6 core wire as per the instructions.
6. Connect the AC power and battery to the main panel and follow the instructions. If you have installed the wiring correctly the unit should illuminate on the panel and remote keypad(s)
Run the wires to the entry /exit area. You will need to drill a hole in the rear of the PIR case to allow the wire to enter the cavity, the position of this entry hole is dependent on where the unit is to be installed. Attach a PIR or Reed switch to one end and the other should be connected to zone 1 inside the main panel and test as described. ENSURE YOU ATTACH A LABEL TO THE WIRE ENTERING THE MAIN PANEL WITH THE SECTOR NAME CLEARLY VISIBLE IE ZONE 1 OR MAIN ENTRANCE. Zone 1 must be used for your entrance/exit area as it has a time delay built into the sector. If the power is connected correctly, the red LED inside the PIR should illuminate when movement is detected. Once this is completed you should then connect the tamper wiring and test again.
Note: although the external siren/strobe and internal siren have not yet been connected to the panel, the display on the keypad will tell you if you have an error which needs to be rectified. By not having the sirens connected you will not have to worry about excessive noise.

Once all PIR’s are connected and you have labelled them according to the location, you can proceed to the next step. If you have more PIR’s than you have zones then install the extra PIRs as per the diagram of the installation manual, ensure you keep your zones in a logical group ie Bedroom 1 & 2 or Lounge/Dining Room or upstairs bedrooms etc and label the wire accordingly, this will help with any problem solving later on. {REMEMBER DO NOT RUSH THE INSTALLATION AND TESTING PROCESS, DO ONE ZONE / P.I.R. GROUP AT A TIME AND THEN COMPLETE THE TEST.
Connect the Reed/ magnet assemblies to the doors/windows that you need to secure and wire according to instructions on panel installation manual.
Once all sectors are installed and test OK, then connect the internal siren and test that this works as described in user manual.
Install the external siren and run 6 core cable back to the panel. Connect the 6 core wire to the relevant strobe/ tamper and siren connectors within the main panel as per instructions in the installation manual for the bell box.
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